After New York and Los Angeles, Chicago has the largest economy in the US and is one of the nation's top logistics hubs. The city is the railroad center of the country, has access to a number of important waterways, and Chicago O'Hare is one of the top cargo terminals in the United States. This logistics activity makes Chicago an important city for transportation factoring. Chicago's large and dynamic economy supports factoring services in a wide variety of industries.

Chicago Economics Statistics

Total GDP:
$764.6 billion
Private GDP:
$699.6 billion
Government GDP:
$65.0 billion
GDP Per Capita:
$80398 billion

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Factoring Companies in Chicago

The list below includes companies that offer factoring as one of their primary services. True factoring companies often provide unique features not offered at traditional banks.

Banks Offering Factoring and Receivables Finance

Some traditional banks offer factoring or accounts receivable finance services. They can potentially offer lower rates, but they often have tight credit policies and don't offer the additional services and software tools provided by companies primarily focused on factoring.